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Call us on 01638 445 373

Invest in your smile
with Dental Implants

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  • – Experience new, state of the art technology in dentistry and dental implants

Our family-orientated dental surgery is dedicated to providing affordable but innovative dental care and dental implants for those searching to improve their smile.

Dental implants are a revolution in dental solutions. You have the opportunity to regain your smile and take back the freedom that comes with these sturdy but subtle artificial teeth. So improve your smile with us today.

Implant supported denture

A stable and durable denture solution. We use special attachments to allow those without any teeth in the jaw to still benefit from a full smile.

Implant supported bridge

Using digital technology the implants supporting the bridge are placed in the optimum position to get the best, most appealing results.

Implant supported crown

Replace missing teeth with this unobtrusive technique using an artificial titanium root inserted into the jaw bone and the artificial tooth attached to it.

Innovative technology

Using the latest in 3D photography technology, our experienced dentists are able to make your time here quicker and easier, while producing the very best results.

Testimonials & happy clients

Don’t just take it from us. We’re proud to have received warm praise from many of our customers

"Shebin is an excellent dentist! She always makes me feel very relaxed and at ease. I never thought in a million years that you could get pain-less dentistry but you can at Olive Dental Care. Recommend by anyone, best dentist in the surrounding area by a long way!!"

Dominic Fox

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"Want a dentist practice that also does cosmetic facial aesthetics ? Look no further than here. Fabulous Practice, from teeth whitening to forehead with botox, plus vein treatments given with care and consideration in a wonderful environment. "

kate knight

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"This is a truly wonderful Dental Practice - modern, high tech and above all, welcoming. All the staff are extremely friendly, professional and supportive; there really is a great team atmosphere. In particular, I cannot speak too highly of dentist, Dr Shebin Koshy."

Maxine Pearson

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"Even the words ‘root canal’ used to leave me completely terrified but I have now had two root canals with Shebin and now don’t bat an eyelid when I sit in the chair. I fully trust Shebin to ensure I am completely numb before starting treatment (something they don’t seem to bother waiting for on the NHS!) and do a top job. Great place and well worth spending money on if you want to get over your fear of the dentist."

Sian Townsend

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