Oral Health: What Post-Menopausal Women Need to Know

It has been shown that one in four women will suffer from tooth loss within five years of being diagnosed with menopause. However, hormone replacement therapy may be a valuable method to strengthen the teeth, to keep a smile intact and to minimise excess trips to the dentist. In order to fully appreciate this observation, let us take a look at some other recent findings.

– Gum disease is currently the leading cause of tooth loss in post-menopausal women.
– Falling oestrogen levels are thought to be a primary factor associated with these conditions.
– HRT can have a positive impact and yet, embracing the proper oral hygiene techniques is just as critical.

As a result, the Oral Health Foundation, is encouraging woman to be more aware of their oral health during this time and are offering advice about how to cope with such changes to the mouth.”
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