Specialist Dental Services for Nervous Patients

  • Friendly and professional team
  • Understanding and accommodating to individual needs
  • In-house anaesthetist with more than 20 years experience
  • We listen to you and never judge you
  • No long waiting period for appointments
  • Calm and soothing interiors to keep you relaxed
  • Wake up feeling refreshed rather than drowsy and tired
  • Still got a questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to assist

Dental Phobia

Nervous patients needn’t fear visiting us at Olive Dental. We understand that many people avoid regular dental visits because of the stress and anxiety about the procedure. Our practice in Newmarket has specially designed interiors with soothing colour selection, and overhead plasma screens showing relaxing scenes.

While we can assure you that our dentist is highly experienced in treating patients with dental phobias, we can now offer intravenous or IV sedation to take away this stress factor.

Conscious Sedation

The type of sedation used in dental practices in UK is called Conscious Sedation. This will lead to a relaxed dream like state. You will never be completely put off to sleep, and will be able to understand and respond to requests from the dentist.

How is it done?

The drugs that we use, which are mild sedatives to induce a calm, relaxed state, are given into a vein in the hand. We have advanced digital monitoring facility at our practice to keep track of your ECG, Blood Pressure and Oxygen level in your blood.

Unlike some other practices, where the dentist gives the sedation and then carries out treatment, we have an experienced anaesthetist in-house to administer the sedation and perform the monitoring, while the dentist carries out the procedure. Please be aware that deep sedation or general anaesthetic is not used in dental practices in the UK.

How long is the waiting list for an appointment?

Unlike other practices, you do not need to wait for long to get a sedation appointment. We have an in-house Anaesthetist. In some emergency situations, we are even able to offer sedation on the same day!

After the procedure

The effect of these drugs wears off quickly. You may not remember details of the procedure as the sedative drugs used cause amnesia. You will have to stay in the practice for a bit longer till the drug effect is completely gone. There are no long term side effects for these drugs.

There should be an adult accompanying you to take you back home and keep an eye on you for next 24 hours.

We offer this facility to those above 12 years of age, and only to those who are medically fit. We can assure you that the procedure is done safely and professionally at our practice.

Why only dream of having a beautiful smile, when you can dream while getting a beautiful smile!