Dental hygienist


This is the removal of tartar and plaques from the tooth surfaces and is performed by a dental hygienist who is specially trained to clean your teeth in this way. Depending on the nature of the build-ups on your teeth and the frequency with which you visit the hygienist, we will use different methods to clean them.

How does it work?

We will adopt an efficient, pain-free approach to your treatment, so, sometimes a gentle hand-scaling is sufficient. Where the plaque is more resistant, we will use ultrasonic scaling technology, so that hard deposits that have been on your teeth for a long time are dislodged quickly and easily.

Is it painful?

Some patients, who have not had their teeth cleaned by the hygienist for many years may have thick, adherent plaques to remove. In these cases a local anaesthetic is provided so that the procedure can take place with the minimum of discomfort.

Air polishing

This is the process by which we painlessly remove stains from the teeth. As we all know, some dental stains caused by smoking, tea and coffee are very difficult to remove. The machine uses a high speed jet of air and powder to blast them away without any pain or increased sensitivity to the patient. The results are usually stunning.

After Care Service

Our after care service means that we will be able to manage you through the period following your treatment to minimise sensitivity issues with your newly cleaned teeth.