Fillings and extractions

Fillings and Extractions

Tooth coloured fillings

At Olive Dental Care we offer mainly white tooth coloured fillings. We can also provide custom milled porcelain inlays instead of fillings. This is designed and milled in house using our CEREC CAD-CAM machine while you wait. We are also happy to remove your silver fillings and replace them with white, tooth coloured fillings.

Removal of diseased teeth

It is important that diseased teeth and decayed parts of teeth are not left in the mouth as the effects can spread and cause more damage. We will advise on the most appropriate type of filling from the many materials available.

If the entire tooth needs to be removed to protect the overall health of your mouth we will extract it painlessly and advise on the best form of replacement for the missing tooth

Stress free treatment

Stress free treatment

Many people avoid regular dental visits because of the stress and anxiety about the procedure. Our practice has specially designed interiors with soothing colour selection, and overhead plasma screens showing relaxing scenes. Also we offer…