The Increasing Prevalence of Technology Within the Dental Industry

Much like other medical professionals, the dentist is now able to take full advantage of digital technology which continues to evolve. The end results are whiter teeth, a healthier smile and fewer chances of cavities. Many will be surprised to learn the extent of these advancements. As such digital techniques become more prevalent, the role of the dentist may become redefined.

What are some examples which illustrate how this field is changing?

– Specialised lasers can improve the bonds between teeth and fillings while addressing other issues such as minor lesions within the mouth.

– The incorporation of smart technology within toothbrushes helps to guarantee a whiter and brighter smile.

– High-definition cameras provide extremely detailed views of the inside of the mouth and the gums.

“A digital platform in dentistry means that all patient information, imaging systems, and CAD/CAM data work together in a connected pattern.”

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