Are you brushing your teeth correctly?

A great smile starts with good oral habits. Most people are used to brushing their teeth twice a day but according to dental experts some of us might be doing it all wrong. The active ingredients in toothpaste need time to work so rinsing toothpaste away after brushing might not provide all the protection it should.

Key tips

– Never rinse your mouth straight after brushing
– Keep some toothpaste in contact with your teeth
– Simply spit excess toothpaste away after brushing

Your dentist should encourage good oral hygiene and can tell you about the benefits of fluoride and other active ingredients in toothpaste. In order to keep that beautiful smile try spitting rather than rinsing after brushing and have regular checkups with your dentist
The main benefit of toothpaste is the fluoride, which helps prevent cavities. The longer you keep the fluoride on your teeth, the fewer cavities you should have.”