Caring For Your Dental Implant

A missing tooth can have a negative impact on your confidence and how you feel about your appearance. A dental implant is the perfect way to replace a lost tooth and regain your confident smile.

After the initial procedure, there may be some temporary discomfort around the new implant, as well as an increased sensitivity to particular foods. The area can be kept clean with specialist mouthwashes, but must be avoided when brushing. Once the crown has been fitted, any discomfort should disappear and you will then be able to resume your usual dental hygiene routine.

Following these tips will help to protect the implant and keep the rest of your mouth healthy:

– Brush your teeth thoroughly with a soft bristled brush, as well as flossing to remove trapped food.

– Visit your dentist for regular check ups.

– Quit smoking to help your implant to heal more quickly, as well as avoiding additional health problems.

Enjoy your new dental implants with these best care habits!

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