Learning About Tooth Nerve Pain

Tooth nerve pain and sensitivity can affect your quality of life, restricting the foods that you are able to eat and the activities that you can enjoy. What causes this pain? Inside the mouth, each tooth is covered in a hard, protective coating called enamel. Certain factors can damage this enamel coating, causing it to wear away and reveal the soft tissue beneath. This leaves the teeth much more open to external elements, causing sensitivity and pain.

Read the suggestions below to reduce tooth nerve pain, prevent further damage to the enamel and regain your quality of life:

– Forceful brushing using a toothbrush that is too firm will not result in a happy smile. Swap to a softer bristled brush and opt for a gentler approach.

– Loose fillings, cavities and gum disease are all factors which increase wear and tear on tooth enamel. Visit your dentist regularly for check ups.

– Avoid acidic foods and tooth whitening products bought over the counter, as these can damage enamel.

Often, people who have sensitive teeth experience a combination of factors that lead to their tooth pain.

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