Are You Unknowingly Ruining Your Teeth?

Despite taking great care with dental hygiene, it would seem you could still be damaging your teeth without knowing it. An internet article by Sarah Jacoby lists seven ways that your teeth could be suffering despite brushing and flossing regularly and visiting the dentist for regular check-ups.

In an effort to achieve a perfect smile there are some rather surprising ways you could, in fact, be accomplishing just the opposite. Some of Ms Jacoby’s list of seven things that are detrimental to the teeth are surprisingly normal and everyday:

– Snoring

– Certain Medications

– Heartburn (acid reflux)

Ms Jacoby’s article also lists daily workout routines, tongue piercings and chewing ice as possibly having harmful effects on the teeth. Perhaps most surprisingly of all is the possibility that sparkling water could also be a source of concern. But “this one is still a little bit up in the air” and nothing to get too worried about.

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