White Patches in the Mouth: When to Seek the Advice of a Professional

Leukoplakia is a condition associated with white abscesses on the surfaces of the gums, the cheeks or the tongue. In the majority of instances, it will resolve itself without needing the assistance of a dentist or a similarly trained professional.
However, there are other cases when it may impact much more than a smile alone. This is important to keep in mind, as oral hygiene involves much more than properly cleaning your teeth.
What are a handful of signals that you should seek the opinion of a specialist? Let’s look at three indications that the condition may be more serious.
– White patches that have lasted for more than two weeks.
– Difficulty when chewing or swallowing foods.
– The presence of white lumps that contain reddish patches within their borders.
“In many cases, ongoing leukoplakia has been found to be precancerous, a change in cells that occurs in the process of cancer development.”
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